EmbeddedProto  2.0.0
EmbeddedProto is a C++ Protocol Buffer implementation specifically suitable for microcontrollers.
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EmbeddedProto::sfixed32 Class Reference

#include <Fields.h>

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Public Member Functions

 sfixed32 ()
 sfixed32 (const int32_t &v)
 sfixed32 (const int32_t &&v)
 ~sfixed32 () override=default
Error serialize_with_id (uint32_t field_number, WriteBufferInterface &buffer) const final
Error serialize (WriteBufferInterface &buffer) const final
Error deserialize (ReadBufferInterface &buffer) final
- Public Member Functions inherited from EmbeddedProto::FieldTemplate< int32_t >
 FieldTemplate ()=default
 FieldTemplate (const int32_t &v)
 FieldTemplate (const int32_t &&v)
 ~FieldTemplate () override=default
void set (const int32_t &v)
void set (const int32_t &&v)
void operator= (const int32_t &v)
void operator= (const int32_t &&v)
const int32_t & get () const
int32_t & get ()
 operator int32_t () const
bool operator== (const int32_t &rhs)
bool operator== (const FieldTemplate< TYPE_RHS > &rhs)
bool operator!= (const int32_t &rhs)
bool operator!= (const FieldTemplate< TYPE_RHS > &rhs)
bool operator> (const int32_t &rhs)
bool operator> (const FieldTemplate< TYPE_RHS > &rhs)
bool operator< (const int32_t &rhs)
bool operator< (const FieldTemplate< TYPE_RHS > &rhs)
bool operator>= (const int32_t &rhs)
bool operator>= (const FieldTemplate< TYPE_RHS > &rhs)
bool operator<= (const int32_t &rhs)
bool operator<= (const FieldTemplate< TYPE_RHS > &rhs)
void clear () override
 Reset the field to it's initial value. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from EmbeddedProto::Field
 Field ()=default
virtual ~Field ()=default
uint32_t serialized_size () const
 Calculate the size of this message when serialized. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EmbeddedProto::FieldTemplate< int32_t >
typedef int32_t FIELD_TYPE

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ sfixed32() [1/3]

EmbeddedProto::sfixed32::sfixed32 ( )

◆ sfixed32() [2/3]

EmbeddedProto::sfixed32::sfixed32 ( const int32_t &  v)

◆ sfixed32() [3/3]

EmbeddedProto::sfixed32::sfixed32 ( const int32_t &&  v)

◆ ~sfixed32()

EmbeddedProto::sfixed32::~sfixed32 ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ deserialize()

Error EmbeddedProto::sfixed32::deserialize ( ReadBufferInterface buffer)

Implements EmbeddedProto::Field.

◆ serialize()

Error EmbeddedProto::sfixed32::serialize ( WriteBufferInterface buffer) const

Implements EmbeddedProto::Field.

◆ serialize_with_id()

Error EmbeddedProto::sfixed32::serialize_with_id ( uint32_t  field_number,
WriteBufferInterface buffer 
) const

Implements EmbeddedProto::Field.

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